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ZYX flamingo smart tracking 3-aix gimbal -PRO ZYX02

ZYX flamingo smart tracking 3-aix gimbal -PRO ZYX02
Part No.: ZYX02
Manufacturer: TAROT

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- Can carry 350-1900g of non-reverse camera, or other imaging equipment
- 3axis 360-degree rotation unlimited
- Use 26,500 lithium battery life up to 12 hours
- Equipped with Smart tracking module( M version do not include)
- ZYX new generation motor, stable starting voltage, small size, large torque, low noise, long life, high efficiency, precision
- Equipped with camera quick plate for quick installation and adjustment of camera position
- Adjust the balance with the thumbscrew
- Using ZYX's highly optimized dedicated EKF attitude fusion algorithm, combined with an efficient motor vector control technique, allows the stabilizer to still obtain stable images in an instant violent movement.
- Efficient MCU solution enables PTZ attitude control frequency up to 8000Hz, ensuring that Flamingo can run faster, more stable and more balanced
- The display is integrated in the control panel for easier operation
- Reserved bottom of the fuselage common threaded bore 1/4

Product Details

Body weight: 950g
Load Weight:350-1900g
Working Voltage:6.8-12.6V(Standard:8.4V)
Working Current:80mA (Min) 110mA (Standard)600mA(Max)
Working Temperature:-10℃-45℃(Standard:25℃)
Working time:12h-18h
Charging time:3h

Item Packing

Flamingo pro stabilizer x 1
Battery case x 1
Lens holder bracket x 1
Lens fixed screw x 1
Camera fixed screw x 1
26500 Lipo battery x 2
26500 Lipo charger x 1
Usb bata cables x 1

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