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ZXY Flamingo tracking module ZYX04

ZXY Flamingo tracking module ZYX04
Part No.: ZYX04
Manufacturer: TAROT

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Tarot ZYX04 Smart Intelligent Tracking Module for ZXY Flamingo Pro

Product Details

Intelligent tracking module function Instructions :
Only the main body of Flamingo Pro equipped with intelligent tracking module
1, download FlamingoAPP at the official website (
2, turn on the Flamingo stabilizer, the phone search to "Flamingo" and connect Bluetooth
3, connect the smart tracking module WiFi (Flamingo-xxxxxx), enter the password 88888888
4, find the control in the APP home page, click the "control" button to enter the control interface
5, to be tracked Module image appears, select the target box in the image area, the target box selected success, the top status bar shows intelligent tracking mode ICON, that is, the successful activation of intelligent tracking
6, click on any image area to exit smart tracking

Item Packing

ZXY Flamingo tracking module ZYX04 x 1

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