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Tarot Peeper I long-time drone come with 10x zoom gimbal / combo multi-rotor set TL750S2

Tarot Peeper I long-time drone come with 10x zoom gimbal / combo multi-rotor set TL750S2
Part No.: XP646
Manufacturer: TAROT

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Product manual:
This is a long-haul drone that leads the industry standard and is a technical standard for long-haul drones. Eliminating various restrictions, mass-produced commercial finished drones have inherited Tarot's usual overall design standards, allowing many clever ideas to be found on this commercial drone.
     Peeper I drone time: In the case of full load (mounting GO three-axis pan/tilt group 250G/image transmission module group/10000MAH lithium polymer battery), the measured flight time is 47 minutes. Support for increased battery capacity for longer flight times.

Product Details

Related optional equipment number (please note: these accessories are not included in this product)
Peeper Ground Control System
ZYX-M multi-rotor flight control ZYX25
ZYX-OSD video overlay system TL300C
GOPRO 3DⅢ Metal three-axis gimbal TL3T01
FLIR thermal imaging gimbal set (including camera) TL01FLIR
High-definition image transmission group: ultra-long-distance full-definition digital image transmission ten kilometers measured TL1000
5.8 Simulated image transmission group: 1000mW transmitting group TL300N4 receiving group TL300N3
1.2G long distance image transmission 600MW transceiver set TL300N5
25C 22.2V 10000mAh lithium battery TL2944
High voltage charger: new D100 balance charger TL2942

Item Packing

Peeper  I set of machines standard configuration:
The fuselage of the peephole
17.5 inch Martin folding carbon fiber paddle TL2948 × 2
Long - time brushless motor of Martin
40A brushless electronic governor × 4
Power distributor
Power Manager × 1
Chinese and English manual × 1

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