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ZOHD Talon GT Rebel 1000mm Wingspan V-Tail BEPP FPV Aircraft RC Airplane Flying Wing PNP

ZOHD Talon GT Rebel 1000mm Wingspan V-Tail BEPP FPV Aircraft RC Airplane Flying Wing PNP
Part No.: Talon-GT
Manufacturer: Feixiang

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- Thanks to its revolutionary and careful design, the plane performs and looks like no other in the market.
- Small size airframe optimized for long range and portability, marrying the best from the old school with cutting-edge production technologies.
- Carefully chosen airfoil gives the aircraft an incredible lift power and excellent handling in any circumstances.
- Detachable wing and tail make it portable for an easy transport and deploy.
- Keeping the tradition: Familiar V tail layout, easy to set up.
- Fly Green: New ZOHD’s exclusive BEPP material isn’t only crash resistance, but even more important: 100% biodegradable. Future generations will thank you for that.
- Light-weight composite hard nose for better protection of your expensive camera gear
- Multi-camera nose: Compatible with 99% of the FPV and HD cameras in the market: Runcam HD, 2, 3S, Swift, Eagle, Split, GoPro H4-5-6-7, Session and much more!
- Reversed wingtips, provide more lift force and ensure a super efficient wing surface
- Carefully engineered wing fences.
- Reinforced pushrods for better overall performance and safety.
- Load it as much you want with a huge equipment bay!
- Computer designed optimized air flow po d, that maximizes cooling, reducing the risk of crashes for overheated electronics. No more DIY foam cutting!
- Impact resistant protection cover for main wings leading edge and belly will keep your plane away from wear and tear.
- Built-in carbon fiber tube inside main wings for enhanced performance and rigidity.
- Built-in carbon fiber square rod reinforcement all along the fuselage.
- Exclusive VTX / RX bays with excellent air flow and away from interferences.
- U-stand for comfort and convenience while setting up the plane. Ideal to level any kind of flight controller in the workbench.
- Full spare parts supply available, worry free fun.

Product Details

Brand Name: ZOHD
Product Name: ZOHD Talon GT "Rebel"
Material: Biodegradable BEPP
Wingspan: 1000mm(39.37'')
Length: 660mm(25.98'')
Motor: 2216-1300KV
ESC: 40A w/5V 3A BEC
Servos: 9g Metal Gear
Prop: 8x5
Wing Area: 14dm2
Wing Load: 92.8g/dm2(Max.)
Recommended Battery: 4S 3300-4400mAh(not included)
Flying speed: 30-100+km/h

Item Packing

1Set x ZOHD Talon GT Rebel 1000mm Wingspan V-Tail BEPP FPV Aircraft PNP

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