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FrSky Transmitter Taranis X-Lite control with R9M LITE + R9 MM Combo for for FPV RC Racing drones

FrSky Transmitter Taranis X-Lite control with R9M LITE + R9 MM Combo for for FPV RC Racing drones
Part No.: X-LITE-combo
Manufacturer: Frsky

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Item name: Taranis X-LITE
● Ergonomic and compact design
● M12 Lite gimbal
   High accuracy hall sensor gimbal
   Mode conversion adjustments accessible without disassembly
   CNC machined gimbal pedestal
● High-speed internal and external module digital interface
   Internal: 450K, External: 420K
   Super low latency (Total latency < 20ms, lowest to 12ms)
   Compatible with new lite type external modules (R9M Lite, MPM Lite, etc.)
● Installed open source operating system– OpenTX
● Haptic vibration alerts and voice speech outputs (Headset jack and inbuilt speaker)
● Internal antenna and external antenna connector
● 128*64 outdoor readable backlight LCD
● Smart Port, Headset jack, Micro SD card slot and Micro USB Port (*Charging function unsupported.)
● Easily accessible battery compartment, uses replaceable 18500 Li-ion batteries
  (*Batteries Not Included)
  (*Battery Information: Flat Top / Height: 50mm / Diameter: 18mm)
* Wireless function (Optional)
    Compatible with FrSky Free Link App
    Support wireless trainer system
Frsky R9M lite:
Firmware upgradable on Taranis X-Lite
Telemetry data transmission supported
Long Range, Low Latency and High precision RC system

Product Details

Item name: Taranis X-LITE
Color:  black
● Number of Channels: 16 channels
● Weight: 308g/ 376g (with battery)
● Operating Voltage Range: 6.0 ~ 8.4V
● Operating Current: 190mA @ 7.4V
● Operating Temperature: -20 ~ 60℃
● Backlight LCD resolution : 128*64
● Model Memory: 60 models (extendible by Micro/TF card)

Frsky R9M lite:
Dimension: 62.4mm × 30mm×14.5mm (L×W×H)
Weight: 20g
Number of channels: 16 channels
Operating Current: 100mA @ 7.2V
RF Operating Frequency: 900MHz (915MHz/868MHz)
RF Power (Non-EU): 100mW (with telemetry)
RF Power (EU): 25mW (with telemetry) /100mW (without telemetry)
Compatibility: R9 series receivers

Item Packing

1 set X-LITE transmitter and  R9M Lite + R9 MM

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