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Radiolink RC8X 8 Channels 2.4G RC Transmitter and R8FG&R4FGM Gyro Receiver, Voltage Telemetry Surface Remote Controller

Radiolink RC8X 8 Channels 2.4G RC Transmitter and R8FG&R4FGM Gyro Receiver, Voltage Telemetry Surface Remote Controller
Part No.: LEDI-RC8X
Manufacturer: Radiolink Radio Control

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【One Screen, Dual Use】:Full-color, 4.3 inch big touch-screen interface make menus setting sroll handy,screen color custom by user. Screen also can be use as FPV display with 5.8G image transmission and 5.8G image camera.
【1900 feet Long range control】: With pseudo random FHSS algorithm, which makes RC8X with excellent anti-interference ability, control range up to 1900 feet (600 meters).
【Built-In Telemetry & Gyro Receiver】: Real-time information telemetry on radio screen, like the vehicle's battery voltage, RSSI, etc. Receiver R8FG and R4FGM built-in gyro can keep the vehicle in a straight line, the gyro sensitivity can be adjusted by the VR switch, which fits for drifting and on-road cars.
【3ms Latency Response】Servo speed can be selected from 14ms, 4ms, and 3ms. 14ms is suggested selected if connect with the analog servo while 4ms or 3ms is suggested selected if connect with the digital servo. (adapted to firmware V1.1.5 or above, and FHSS V2 protocol.) And make sure the R8FG and R4FGM are with the V2.1 tags.
【200 Models Storage】: RC8X is applicable for your RC tanks, crawler, drifting, truck, bash car, boat, and robot.
【9 Groups of Mixes Control】: Any 2 of channel can be set mixes control, and each channel can be customized value. Push a button to enable/disable mixes control. That's friendly for twin-engine vehicles, such as 4 wheel steering car, tank, dual motor boat.
【Customization As You Wish】: Voice broadcast customization is available. You are able to make your unique broadcast voice file in multi-timbre, broadcast type, broadcast style, broadcast intonation, speech rate by copying the voice file to the transmitter. The color of theme, background, and font can also be customized. These settings will make your RC8X unique.
【16 Groups of Model ID】: Model ID function supports assigning one of the vehicle running when they are powered on.

Product Details

RC8X Specifications
Dimensions:  L*W*H =121*163*209mm (4.76” *6.42” *8.23”)
Weight: 438.5g(15.47oz)
Antenna Length: Built-in antenna
Dimension of Battery Case: L*W*H =92*52*14.5mm(3.62” *2.05” *0.57”)
Frequencies Band: 2.4GHz ISM band (2400MHz~2483.5MHz)
Spread Spectrum Mode: FHSS, 67 channels pseudo-random frequency hopping
Modulation Mode: GFSK
Channels: 8 channels
Applicable Model Types:  Car (Including Crawlers/Drag Racing Cars/Tanks/Caterpillars)/Boat/Robot
Screen:  4.3 inches, 800*480 full-color, backlit IPS touchscreen
Model Memory:  200 groups of models’ storage
Ground Control Distance: 600 meters(1968.5ft) (Maximum range tested in unobstructed areas free of interference)
Operating Voltage: 7-17V DC (8 pieces of AAA batteries or a 2S-4S LiPo battery or a 6S Ni-MH battery)
Operating Current: 250mA±10mA@8.4V(the IPS screen light on), 190mA±10mA@8.4V(the IPS screen light off)
Type-C Port Output Voltage: 5 V(RC8X also can powered by computer or mobile power bank via Type-C cable)
Type-C Port Output Current: Maximum 500mA
Type-C Port Input Voltage: 4.6V-5.0V
Type-C Port Input Current: Maximum 1A
DSC Port Input Voltage: 0-5V
DSC Port Output Voltage: 0-3.3V
Transmission Power: <20dBm
Channel Resolution: 4096 with regular jitter of 0.5us
Response Latency: 3ms, 4ms, 14ms can be selected
Low Voltage Alarm: Low transmitter voltage, low receiver voltage, low model battery voltage, or low RSSI alarm can be customized
Compatible Receiver: R8FG(Std)/R8FGH/R8F/R8EF/R7FG/R6FG/R6F/R4FGM/R4F
Voice Broadcast: Support
Menu Customized: Setting Menu, font, desktop, system theme, etc., can be customized
CRSF Protocol Supported: RC8X is compatible with TBS Crossfire
FPV Head Track Function: Support
Compatible Control Board Hardware Models: Ardupilot, pix4, beta, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi, can be connected with SBUS signal
Operating Temperature:-30° to 85° C 

R8FG Specifications
Dimensions: L*W*H =35*24*13.5mm (1.38” *0.94” *0.53”)
Antenna Length: 205mm (8.07”)
Weight: 10.5g(0.37oz)
Operating Voltage: 3-12V
Operating Current: 35mA(5V)
Channel: 8 channels
Signals: SBUS+PWM
Telemetry: Real-time built-in telemetry of the model battery voltage, RSSI, and receiver voltage
Gyro: Receiver with gyro-integrated, customizable gyro sensitivity
Water Splash Proof: The waterproof grade is IPX4
Applicable Model Types: Car (Including Crawlers/Tanks/Caterpillars)/Boat/Robot
Frequencies Band: 2.4GHz ISM band (2400MHz~2483.5MHz)
Spread Spectrum Mode: FHSS, 67 channels pseudo-random frequency hopping
Control Distance: 600 meters
Compatible transmitter: RC8X/RC6GS V3/RC4GS V3/RC6GS V2/RC4GS V2/RC6GS (3-position switch version)/RC4GS (version with P.D AFTER 180101) /T8FB(BT)/T8FB(OTG)/T8S(BT)/T8S(OTG)

Item Packing

RC8X Transmitter *1
R8FG&R4FGM Receiver *1
Lanyard *1
32GB SD card *1
Type-c Data Cable *1
Spare Throttle Accessory *1
Screwdriver *2
Quick Start Guide *1
Carrying Bag *1

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