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Holybro FETtec FC G4 Flight Controller Latest STM32G4 Processor /KISS FC Firmware /2S-6S Lipo /Onboard OSD For FPV Racing Drone

Holybro FETtec FC G4 Flight Controller Latest STM32G4 Processor /KISS FC Firmware /2S-6S Lipo /Onboard OSD For FPV Racing Drone
Part No.: FET-G4
Manufacturer: Holybro

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The FETtec KISS FC G4 is a flight controller running the KISS V2 firmware for high performance, simple setup. The flight controller has an onboard real-pit for TBS Unify Pro Nano VTXs and headers for direct connection to a TBS Crossfire Nano RX. The FETtec FC supports 30x30 and 20x20 mounting.

- STM32 G4 Processor, 170MHz with MPU6000 Gyro
- Built-in real Pit-Mode
- Seperate onboard 5V BEC For RX
- 5V/16V BEC for VTX
- 20x20mm M2 and 30.5mmx30.5mm M3 mounting holes
- 8 Native DSHOT2400 outputs
- 4 Signal and ground pads in each corner
- 8 pin connector for solder free FETtec ESC connection

Product Details

* Latest STM32G4 Processor
  - 170Mhz + Math accelerator
  - MPU6000
* Supply voltage 6-27V (2S-6S Lipo)
* 2x dedicated onboard BEC (max. 600mA each)
  - 5V BEC for RX
  - 5V/16V BEC for VTX (switchable and real Pit*)
* 2x 8 pin connector for solder free ESC connection
  -  Connector 1: ESC signal 1-4, telemetry, VCC, GND
  -  Connector 2: ESC signal 5-8 (depending on UAV type 1-4), telemetry, VCC, GND
* 1x 8 pin connector for solder free VTX, cam connection and OSD or digital systems
  - real Pit* VCC, GND, Video in, Video out, BEC 5V/16V, VCS/TX3, RX3
* 2x 6 pin connectors for serials
  - RX1, TX1, 3.3V, VCC, 5V, GND
* 1x 4 pin connector for receiver
  - Signal, TLM, 5V, GND
* 5 UART serials
  - UART 1 free
  - UART 2 used for Receiver
  - UART 3 free
  - UART 4 used for onboard OSD, can be set free
  - UART 5 used for ESCs / TLM / Onewire
* 4 ESC solder pads (Signal/GND) in each corner
* Buzzer pads
* 4 tiny RGB LEDs (selectable color)
* Supported ESC protocols
  - PWM, Oneshot125, Oneshot42, Dshot150/300/600/1200/2400, FETtec Onewire

* FETtec KISS firmware
* Onboard OSD
  - Graphic OSD (STM32)
  - Full KISS Tuning
  - Filter (PIDs, Rates, Settings)
  - LED control (RGB LED, Racewire)
  - VTX
  - Live data graphs (Voltage, motor rpm, current, motor temp, gyro values, link quality)
  - KISS GPS support + live map
  - Custom graphic pilot logo
  - Stick overlay
  - Custom layout
  - can be deactivated for usage of digital systems
* Connector type: JST-SH-1mm

Item Packing

1X 8 Pin SH1.0 Cable
1X 6 Pin SH1.0 Cable
4X M2 Anti-Vibration Silicone Grommet Insert

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