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Holybro Microhard P840 Radio Telemetry Integrates Microhard Pico Series RF Module SKU17025

Holybro Microhard P840 Radio Telemetry Integrates Microhard Pico Series RF Module SKU17025
Part No.: P840
Manufacturer: Holybro

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Holybro Microhard Radio integrates microhard Pico Series RF module which is capable of delivering high-performance wireless serial communications in robust topologies, such as Point to Point, Point to Multipoint and secure Mesh (Mesh not available on P840).

It uses frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology, providing reliable wireless asynchronous data transfer between most equipment types which employ a serial interface. Fixed frequency is available on the P840 version. The radio is configured using AT commands through the Data port or using PicoConfig application through the Diagnostic Port.

P900 Radio operate within the 902-928 MHz ISM frequency band while the P840 Radio operate within the 840-840Mhz. You can select your radio based on your country's available frequency band.

– USB Type-C port, integrated USB to UART converter
– 6-position JST-GH connector, can be directly connected to the TELEM port on various flight controller
– High voltage BEC onboard, Support DC7~35V voltage supply
– UART transmission LED indicator
– Three-stage RSSI LED indicator 
– Transmission within a public, license-exempt band of the radio spectrum
– Transparent, low latency link rates up to 276 kbps
– Supports a robust true Mesh operation with auto-routing
– 32 bits of CRC, selectable retransmission and forward error correction
– Separate diagnostics port, transparent remote diagnostics and online network control

Product Details

Frequency Range:840 to 845 MHz
Transmit Power (Software Adjustable):100mW to 1W (20-30dBm)
Link Rate:Up to 345 kbps
Serial Baud Rate:300 bps to 230 kbps
Range:Up to 60 miles (100 km)
Spreading Method:Frequency Hopping/Fixed Frequency,GMSK, 2GFSK, 4GFSK, QPSK
Operating Modes:Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint,store & Forward Repeater, Peer-to-Peer
Input Voltage:DC7~35V(4-position JST-GH)
Power Consumption:Sleep < 1mA, Idle 3.5mA;Rx: 45mA to 98mA, Tx : 1000mA to 1400mA
Weight:42g (without antenna) & 69g (with antenna)
Error Detection:32 bits of CRC, ARQ

Item Packing

2x  Microhard P840 Radio
2x  Antenna
2x  XT30 Power cable
1x  GH 6P to 6P cable
1x  Metal Pin

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